Maz Jobrani: Comedian and Author

Maz Jobrani: Comedian and Author

Saturday, October 7, 7:30pm

Maz Jobrani: Comedian and Author

Tickets :
$40 Adult
$25 Student
$35 Member

Member Presale begins July 5th at 7am, Public Sale begins July 19th at 7am.

Event Description

NOTE: Our Downtown Performing Arts Series event on March 10, 2017 – Maz Jobrani – has been rescheduled for next season due to his TV filming schedule. Maz Jobrani will now be appearing on October 7th, 2017. All purchased tickets will be refunded, and anyone interested in attending the event on its new date can purchase tickets this summer when our 2017-2018 season goes on sale. Please contact the box office if you have any questions – or 610.607.6270.”

Maz Jobrani is a founding member of The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, which first aired on Comedy Central. He has had multiple Showtime specials including his most recent "I'm Not a Terrorist, but I've Played One on TV" as well as 2 TED talks, "Did You Hear the One About the Iranian-American" and "A Saudi, an Indian, and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar…" He travels around the world, including in the Middle East, where he performed in front of the King of Jordan. Recently, Maz performed at The Kennedy Center and the White House in celebration of the Persian New Year.

Maz Jobrani's Top 10 things you'll never hear in Washington:

  1. "That Ted Cruz is such a likable guy!"

  2. "We need to increase the budget for the public school teachers, stat!"

  3. "Please stop donating to my campaign. I have all the money I will ever need!"

  4. "I wish Bernie Sanders would yell a little louder!"

  5. "You know who I'm not scared of? The NRA."

  6. "Barack and Netanyahu are such besties."

  7. "God, I wish Sarah Palin was here!"

  8. "Putin is such a pussycat!"

  9. "You know who could get this party rocking? The supreme leader of Iran."

  10. "Ladies and gentleman, your new president of the United States,
    Donald J. Trump." (Fingers crossed)