Firefall & Pure Prairie League

Firefall & Pure Prairie League

Saturday, February 12, 2022 at 8pm

Firefall & Pure Prairie League

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Firefall: The genealogy and musical roots of Firefall run deep in the fertile soil of American Folk/Rock music. Defying industry labels, they melded country, folk, easy listening and rock ‘n’ roll, creating a sound uniquely their own, helping to define a generation and forever changing the landscape of contemporary music. One of the few surviving bands of their genre, Firefall has remained true to the founding vision throughout the band’s 30 year history.

Firefall saturated the air waves with a string of Top 20 hits, earning two platinum and three gold records for their efforts. Their dynamic live performances gained them a huge and loyal fan base – one that continues to grow even now. In their current live shows, the band both nurtures and expands on their distinctive melodic sound. Their much loved hits are faithfully recreated with a freshness rare in live performances of such classics. With their newer material, they continue to demonstrate the diversity of the band’s musical excellence. In keeping with the times, the shows often include acoustic “mini sets” and extended jams, which speak directly to their ever growing new generation of fans.

Pure Prairie League: Country rockers Pure Prairie League took their name from an obscure 19th century Temperance Union mentioned in the 1939 film, “Dodge City.” But this distinctly American band, with it’s 50 year career and long line of top hits, escaped obscurity long ago. Although fan favorites right out of the gate it took a number of years before PPL, formed by vocalist/guitar player Craig Fuller, had their first hit. They couldn’t have picked a better way to start, and “AIMEE” not only put PPL on the map, but went on to become perhaps the most well known and beloved country rock song of all time.

Somewhere along the line Fuller left to replace Lowell George in Little Feat, but PPL continued to grow and prosper, with Mike Reilly as well as Country superstar Vince Gill, who was part of the band for a short time. Fuller eventually came back, and stayed for over a decade. Although Fuller is retired from full time touring, he sometimes joins the band for occasional shows. PPL continues to tour and treat their legions of loyal fans to music that sounds as good today as it did when it was first performed. “People come to hear the music the way it was played back then,” Fuller says. “We may have improved on the fidelity, but when we do a song off one of our records, we do it just as it was recorded.”