How to Travel the World for FREE

How to Travel the World for FREE

Friday, October 11, 1pm & 7:30pm

How to Travel the World for FREE with Michael Wigge

Tickets :
Adults: $8
Students: $7
Seniors: $7

Event Description

Michael Wigge travels light, not just with his luggage, but also with his wallet. The 36-year-old video journalist, author, and comedian spent 150 days in 2010 traveling through 11 countries, from Germany to the United States and all the way down to Antarctica, starting without a dollar in his pocket. He changed the oil of cargo ship engines for rides across oceans, offered one-dollar pillow fights with strangers in San Francisco, and failed miserably as a porter in Machu Piccchu. Join us for a presentation that will have you chuckling and leave you itching to get out that passport!