Speak Easy

Speak Easy

Friday, November 17 & Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 7:30pm

BNS Productions Presents Rory D. Sheriff's Speak Easy

Tickets :
$49 | $39 | $29

Event Description

Dutiful Virginia decides to take control of her life, starting with unlearning everything she was taught how a woman should be. No sooner than deciding to dump her husband’s belongings on the doorstep in trash bags, she’s presented with a foreclosure letter for back taxes on her childhood home. With more than a few reservations, she gives in to the idea of turning the house into a Speakeasy to raise money for the taxes - which is exactly when all heck breaks loose.
Set in 1978 in his hometown of Reading, PA, Speakeasy is the latest from the imagination of Playwright, Director, and Producer, Rory D. Sheriff, who was recently named Theatre Person of the Year by the Metrolina Theatre Association. Rory names August Wilson as his inspiration for Speakeasy, with its relatable characters and monologues.